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Foundation 125

Paul March-Russell: Editorial
Special section: Michael Moorcock and the Legacy of the New Wave
Jacob Huntley and Mark P. Williams: Guest Editorial: New Worlds-New Waves
Mark P. Williams: ‘All-purpose human being’: An Interview with Michael Moorcock
Brian Baker: The European Circuit: Report on Probability A and Barefoot in the Head
Jonathan Barlow: New Wave Sword and Sorcery: Jerry Cornelius and Lord Horror
Nick Hubble: Christopher Priest and the Persistence of the New Wave
Gwyneth Jones: Aliens in the Twenty-First Century
Peter Higgins: The Fourfold Library (4): Gene Wolfe
Conference Reports
Gul Dag: Science Fiction and the Medical Humanities
Kerry Dodd: Global Fantastika
Book Reviews
Kanta Dihal: Anne Hiebert Alton and William C. Spruiell, eds. Discworld and the Disciplines
Paul Kincaid: Paul March-Russell, Modernism and Science Fiction
Sandor Klapcsik: Gerry Canavan and Kim Stanley Robinson, eds. Green Planets: Ecology and Science Fiction
Umberto Rossi: Carlo Pagetti, Il senso del futuro: La fantascienza nella letteratura americana
Alison Tedman: Sonja Fritzsche, ed. The Liverpool Companion to World Science Fiction Film
Jeremy Brett: Hannu Rajaniemi, Invisible Planets: Collected Fiction
Carl Freedman: China Miéville, This Census-Taker
Jennifer Harwood-Smith: Martyn Amos and Ra Page, eds. Beta-Life
Nick Hubble: Tricia Sullivan, Occupy Me
Carl Kears: Gene Wolfe, A Borrowed Man
Chris Pak: Ian McDonald, Luna: New Moon
Juha Virtanen: Brian Catling, The Vorrh